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MARINE CONSERVATION & RESEARCH INTERNSHIP Join our program on a young and international NGO of scientists, naturalists and environmentalists with a common passion of water who are part of the growing change to focus on coral reefs and marine ecosystems.


Marine Conservation & Research Internship - Thailand

SCIENCE & ENGINEERING INTERNSHIP Take the opportunity as an engineering student or graduates to be part of the tremendous progress is needed to keep up with the economic and demographic growth of Southeast Asia. Your internship will take place at an industry-leading company of Bangkok in your field of interest. You will learn to adapt to a new business culture where you will gain valuable business connections to accelerate your international career.

Science & Engineering Internship in Thailand

VETERINARY & ANIMAL WELFARE PROJECT The organisation you will be working with was set up with the aim to control the cat and dog population through an extensive sterilisation programme. Since its start, the organisation and the work they carry out has had a tremendous effect on the animal population of Koh Lanta.The organisation organises mobile spay & neutering clinics,run awareness classes in local schools and organise various activities to raise money to ensure the continuity of the…

Veterinary & Animal Welfare Project - Koh Lanta, Thailand | Global Nomadic

VETERINARY INTERNSHIP If you want to gain an insight into the workings of a charity-run veterinary nursing clinic, this is the best place for you. The clinic is in constant need of experienced veterinarian and devoted animal lover willing to donate their time and skills. You will help to control the population through neutering all stray animals and to keep the island rabies-free through continuous vaccinations of all patients.

Veterinary Internship - Koh Phangan, Thailand | Global Nomadic

PHOTOGRAPHY & JOURNALISM INTERNSHIP Bangkok is the best destination for an unforgettable internship experience with countless subjects to be explored for aspiring journalists. The city never sleep and there are loads of activities day and night with many possibilities to capture the beauty of the city collaborating with a leading PR-agency

Photography & Journalism Internship | Global Nomadic

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT INTERNSHIP If you wish to gain experience in business development and project coordination, this internship is the best place you could be. You will enjoy the famous island of Koh Phangan, home of the Full Moon Party, and a serious internship within the team of a growing business development who calls for a highly organized individual with great coordinating skills due to the varied nature of your duties.

Business Development Internship - Thailand

FINANCE INTERNSHIP Join the finance internship programme to boost your personal profile and take an advantage over your peers. You will be mentored by industry experts with a great wealth of experience and be exposed to a very broad range of tasks that will give you the foundation for your professional finance career. During the internship you will have the opportunity to explore exciting Bangkok and Thailand's rural areas.

Finance Internship in Thailand

MARKETING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT INTERNSHIP Enjoy the opportunity to work on the marketing & business development team of a leading corporation in an emerging market. You will be mentored by your superiors who are experts in their field and also get to know the local culture. You will have the chance to combine exciting city-life witha stunning nature and rich culture.

Business Development Internship in Bangkok

STARTUP INTERNSHIP The Startup internship program will give you the chance to gain first-hand experience of this rapidly developing business environment. You will experience how to manage innovation to the benefits of society and encouraged to take initiative. Directly working with the company's CEO and founders , this internship makes the perfect opportunity to get to know the exciting start-up world in the heart of a growing market and an exciting city.

Startup Internship in Bangkok | Global Nomadic

I.T. INTERNSHIP This internship will give you the chance to be part of a fast-growing tech-start-up and be mentored by experienced developers who are providing you with an intensive on-the-job training. As a part of a young and energetic team, you will be working on innovative business models with the potential of revolutionising entire industries.

IT Internship in Thailand