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an ancient busturine on display in a museum
robert pattinson pic
robert pattinson edit pic
a quote on the side of a white wall that says, your voice could calm the oceans
This afternoon I’m thankful for people with lovely speaking voices.
an image with the words'this voice in my ear it did interesting things to me if
His voice in my ear. It did interesting things to me. It curved my back and parted my lips. I felt lazy and feline, and he wasn't even in the room.
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the interior of a car with its door open in front of a tree filled forest
trees and grass in the fog on a gloomy day with no one around them
Foggy Woods
three different types of watches sitting next to each other on top of an open book
connor cobalt
a man laying down with a glass in his hand
Hades: God Of The Underworld | Tea & Rosemary