Campsite under the Wild Mountains, Antarctica, during the Terra Nova Expedition. December 20, 1911.

The lost photographs of Captain Scott

Captain Scott’s lost photographs have been missing for the last century. The arctic explorer and four fellow adventures perished in March, when they were attempting to return from the .

McMurdo Station, Antarctica, December 1955.

A photo of McMurdo Station, circa December before there were any buildings, recently surfaced. The photo was taken by Freddie Spainhouer, a Navy photographer who was among the first to winter over at McMurdo in He is now 90 and living in Dallas, Texas.

Dogs and sled from the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1957-1958.

Rare photographs show life during the first crossing of Antarctica

Discoveries along the way included the British team finding a mountain range, and the New Zealanders discovering a range

Robert Falcon Scott inside his base camp for the Terra Nova Expedition, Cape Evans, Antarctica. October 7, 1911.

Scott's Last Expedition marks centenary of explorer reaching pole

"Captain Robert Falcon Scott writing in his diary, Cape Evans hut", by Herbert Ponting, October 1911 ×

A sketch of Ernest Shackleton from "Aurora Australis," the first book published in Antarctica. Shackleton and team made the book in 1908 during the Nimrod Expedition.

Book put together by Ernest Shackleton's team to go under the hammer

Ernest Shackleton Antarctic exploration books to be auctioned at Sotheby's

The Terra Nova, the ship used for Robert Falcon Scott's Terra Nova Expedition to the South Pole. December 13, 1910.

Scott's race to the Pole ended in tragedy, but these images show his team before they met their end. ~Amazing pics from 1914 Arctic Expidition. might be a great book idea~

Ice cave near Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica. First Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914.

Cavern carved in an ice wall, from first Australasian Antarctic Expedition, photographer Frank Hurley.

Drawings made by Robert Falcon Scott (left) and Ernest Shackleton (right) in 1904 and 1909, respectively. The chalkboards were found in 2007 at Cambridge University.

Penguin sketches made by Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton have been found in a basement at Cambridge University. The legendary explorers drew the pictures on blackboards, probably for public lectures, in 1904 and

After months trapped in ice, the Endurance begins to sink into the Weddell Sea. Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, November 1915.

Frank Hurley, Endurance Crushed by Ice, 1915