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Prophet Muhammad

Sixth edition of understanding is available. Prophet Muhammad is imperative for both Muslims and non-Muslims, this book makes that task easy.
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"Reforming #Islam is impossible. It is either a dilution or a ruse. Jihad is based on two pillars, war and deception. I don’t want anyone to be fooled by the soothing promises of Muslim reformers. Moderate Islam does not exist. It’s a myth."

The Illusion of Reforming Islam |

Women Rights in #Islam

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Slavery in Islam

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Should India Give up Khashmir? |

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#Radical #Islam

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Ali Sina was a Muslim who recently accepted Jesus and became a Christian and realized that love is the key to the universe that unlocks the mystery of love that connects us to God and one another and all living beings. "Consciousness is another name of spirit. It appears that we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience."

How I Met Jesus: The Journey of an Atheist |

Read our blog to know condition of #Muslim #women before and after #Islam, learn more about women #rights and duties in #Islamic #religion.

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Know women's rights in #Islam.

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