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the instructions for how to fold a book
Great Card Folding Ideas
an open book with flowers on it and four squares in the middle that have been cut out
A Beautiful Diamond Z-fold Card for a very special occasion
an image of a folded card with measurements
PIN IT FRIDAY FAVS: Double Z Fold Cards and the Very Best of Pinterest Pins
a square is shown with two lines on each side and one line in the middle
Technique Tuesday: Gatefold Card
the diagram shows how to measure square and rectangles
Tutorial - Altered Gatefold Card
a christmas card with the words creative christmas gate fold card on it and an image of a
Creative Christmas Gate Fold Card Video Tutorial | Card Making Tutorials with Ink It Up With Jessica
an open purple card with the words specialty card folds cards with more than one fold
eArticle: Specialty Card Folds - Vamp Stamp News
the floor plan for a kitchen with cabinets and cupboards, including an oven door
Floating Gate Fold Card
the gatefold card is shown with measurements
the diagram shows how to draw a rectangle with numbers and measurements for each section
It's a Tall Order (New Formula!)
the gatefold card is shown with measurements for each side and bottom corner, along with an additional height line
the gatefold card is shown with measurements
the gate fold card is shown in white
Fun Fold Card - GDP022
an open card with the words someone special on it, and a rose dieing
Drop Down Gate Fold Card
an instruction manual for measuring measurements for card making, with instructions on how to read it
How to Cut Layers for Card Making