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Kamal aka Zuper-Man Full stack Marketeer Motto: Learn, unlearn and re-learn Quirks: Makes push-ups look like a child’s play Can eat 20 idlies in one go Our Zuper-Man does not believe in Level 1. What he believes in is taking the plunge and making things happen. When he dreams, he dreams big. True that he has big ambitious dreams but his dreams, the ones in his sleep, are huge too (that is another story for another time). The fire engine in him never goes off

Rashmi aka Chewbacca Marketing Manager Motto: You don't get second chances to make the first impression. Quirks: Watch her drag her words like 'awesome' and 'cute'. Where there is a will, there is a way! This is what Rashmi realized while at her previous corporate job. Of all the things that has culminated in her life, she was hooked on to one true love - travelling. After trekking in stark winters of Manali and cycling in Leh she found her true calling at goMowgli. #thebesttraveljob

Robin Thimmaiah aka. Optimus Sales Manager Motto: You have got to be in it, to win it. Quirks: The look on his face when you say Chicken curry or Pandi (Pork) curry. grin emoticon This is often a repeated phrase at an interview for a sales representative - the interviewer places a pencil and asks the interviewee to sell it. Robin belongs to that special breed who can sell a pencil for a tree, convert the tree into 1,70,000 pencils. #thebesttraveljob

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Girish aka Popcorn Tour specialist Motto: To live and not merely exist Quirks: Watch him crib and fix his gadgets. After all for a wilderness lover, technology doesn't go down well now, does it? His name ‘Popcorn’ suits him perfectly as he springs to action the moment things get a little heated up at work. He is adept at handling finances, he can be a flourishing sales man and an excellent storyteller - a fine example of a man who has donned multiple hats. #thebesttraveljob

Himanshu Shekhar aka Simba Sales Operations Motto: Travel is formative. Not just informative. Quirks: His sense of humour, which oddly cracks us up every single time! Guess we have our laughter medicine with us all the time. He hails from the beautiful Uttarakhand. The serenity and the charm of the hills has made this handsome guy calm, composed and organized. Everybody tends to think of him as a cross between the Saadhu baba and a secret Ninja. #thebesttraveljob

Sangeeta aka Gigi Storyteller Motto: To have no motto and live each day as it comes. Quirks: Show her bills and reimbursement claims and watch her expression. When words and Sangeeta come together you can be assured that there would be magic. In spite of being an efficient Chartered Accountant once upon a time dealing with numbers and law, words somehow found her. It’s then she realized how much she missed them. Then came the period of “will do anything else other than being a CA”

We as a company are glad to help people find their passion and make their life interesting. Follows is a honest write-up from our own Rashmi Rao, #thebesttraveljob

Dazzle aka. Dazzle (Well we decided not give her any nick names since Dazzle is what suits her best) Tour specialist Motto: Life is not meant to stay at one place. Get moving! Quirks: She will lose her sense of direction every time there is a wafting smell of bakers. Rather she will drift towards it abandoning all her chores. #TheBestTravelJob

Jithin aka Popeye Motto: Work for your living. Not live for your work. Quirks: You should play dumb charade with him. You will roll with laughter until your bellies ache. Do you believe that everything and everyone is connected in the great circle of life? Probably this is why we end up meeting the right bunch of people. This time we met Jithin - the newest addition to our ever growing goMowgli family!

Anil Alur aka Baloo COO Motto: To travel is freedom. For freedom is to travel. Quirks: His laugh. A chilled out guy who is down to earth and has a very practical head over his shoulder. There is nothing he cannot do. From finances, to being the IT guy, to doing HIIT workouts - he does it all. If you don’t find him pouring over the balance sheet of our company, you will find him doing head stands or cycling away somewhere exotic! A massive lover of food. #thebesttraveljob

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