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an alien is standing on the beach with her dog and holding an umbrella over her head
Lady alien in human costume
an alien sitting at a table with a drink in front of him
an alien girl and two girls with long hair, one is holding the other's head
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Software, Kawaii, Artist, Artsy, Ilustrasi
an alien girl with blue hair is standing in front of a cactus and flying saucer
Ana Bagayan - Artist Guest Blog - WOW x WOW
'Starchild' by Ana Bagayan. Find out more about Ana and see more of her wonderful art in the guest blog she wrote for (Aliens, Draw, Drawing, Paint, Painting, Creativity, Inspiration, Discovery, Illustration, Comics, Reality Creation, Survival Skills, Travel, Traveling, Travelling, Contemporary Art, New Contemporary Art)
a drawing of a girl holding a dragonfly in front of the moon and stars
Ana Bagayan
a drawing of an alien girl with two hands on her chest and lights above her head
Ana Bagayan
a painting of a girl holding a cat in front of a full moon and corals
Venice Beach, CA fine artist Ana Bagayan #artistaday
Ana Bagayan - Venice Beach, CA Contemporary Fine Artist - Featured - Illustrators - Painters -
an alien is holding his hand up in front of the camera poster by person,
Viaje al centro de la tierra
an alien head is shown in black and white
Grey Alien ~^**...
an alien with green eyes is standing in the woods
an alien holding a dandelion in its hand
We've Never Been Alone