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Homemade - No Cook - Non Toxic Playdough Recipe (Goggly eyes optional)

Cloud Dough One of the most amazingly easy things you can make for your children. Just Flour + Oil makes this wonderful soft sensory play activity.


Cloud Dough Flour + Oil = Hours of messy fun. A very quick and simple sensory play activity that your children will LOVE.

Homemade - No Cook - Non Toxic Play dough Recipe

Coloured Rice A fantastic sensory play activity for pre school children. This recipe is very easy that older children could even do it themselves.

What could be more fun than Cloud Dough........ Coloured Cloud Dough. This easy activity uses just 3 ingredients Flour, Oil and Food Colouring

Easter Farm Sensory Play Cloud Dough, Coloured Rice, Lentils and Water makes one great messy Easter day.

So much fun to be had with Coloured Cloud Dough All you need is Flour, Oil and Food Colourings