Prefold cloth diapers

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We Wear Because We Care: Photo
an animal shaped bag sitting on top of a wooden table next to a sewing machine
Pañal tipo G-diaper
a piece of fabric with orange and yellow dots on it next to a cutting mat
Pañal de Tela: Tutorial Paso a Paso
a white pillow with green piping on it sitting on top of a bed sheet
NON-Serged Prefitted (as promised)
there is a purple cloth on top of a black leather bag with white polka dots
Flip-Style and Elemental-Style Diaper
the cloth is folded and ready to be sewn
the size and measurements for a chair
Patron Pañal Ecologico 022
two pieces of fabric sitting on top of a green cutting mat next to each other
Pull-Up Trainers
a piece of white fabric sitting on top of a wooden table
Tutorial de pañal con barreras en las piernas en la tela interior
the diagram shows how to draw an object with lines and shapes that look like it is going
Couche classique taille nouveau-né