mould up close

This has some strong colours in it and almost looks metallic, lots of differen patterns and rough textures

Ok I know I'm on the strange side of being an artist... But I love these photos of the rotten and moldy growth. Some of them are absolutely amazing!

Dazzling Photos of Rot and Fungus

Rotting Fruit: Photoshoot made to show the contrast between health and decay. Fruit is not actually decaying but made to look so by use of mixed media

Rotting Fruit: I like the thought of including both fresh and rotting fruit in one photoshoot.

Implosion: This decayed pumpkin has collapsed in on itself and is covered in a toxic looking green, furry mould

It looks better than it smells: Sci-fi art which is made from rotting fruit and vegetables

rotting fruit Nan Shartel (2012)

Rotting fruit Nan Shartel More similar to what I am to have, but likely the whole fruit. I want to interpret waste in a literal way, showing the fruit as fresh, then with the fruit rotting.

Ideas for the science projects. Examples of techniques and expariments that can be done at home to test your hypothesis