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feeding my fashion: bregje heinen by cedric buchet for vogue japan december 2012

Martin Parr  ENGLAND. Garden Open Day from The Cost of Living  1986-1989

martin parr Martin Parr I really like the idea and concept towards this image but mostly i would do it something inside with just bits of full person and maybe a body half towards the edge of the image to give it a different effect.

I love this photo of the women putting her shoes on as it showes her creative love of vibrant neon colours.

Martin Parr, that splendid voyeur. Nobody does the full horror of a British beach as well as Martin - without comment: seemingly without judgment.

fly on hat. Martin Parr  : )

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The British photographer's new Phaidon book features the the mass-produced and regionally specific foodstuffs we love to eat but are afraid to share.

Martin Parr

-environmental -urban background/setting -stereotypical (school boy with chips)

Martin Parr - Common Sense

"The biggest insult is to tell a Canadian that [their food] is very similar to America," said Parr, who compared Canadian cuisine to, well, America's.

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Martin Parr