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Taylor Lautner makin "the move" (cheaper by the dozen Step Yawn Step Stretch your arm out behind the girl Step Causually keep your arm there while watching the movie like nothing happened

Funny Text Of The Day ā€“ Gap Ba Gap

I laughed so hard Lola stopped to stare at me. When I couldn't stop she decided to come over and ground me, just in case ;

Funny Text Of The Day

If this actually happened, it would break anyone's heart. <<<If this person didn't have a sense of humor, dump them! This should make them laugh!

Lego Collectible Minifigures Series 3: Tennis Player

& are we using a real Tennis ball or a Lego Tennis ball? What the Great work from Fred is Design.

For you Jen!

Love this! Hair Dryer + Crayons = Art Fun idea for kids room art. Keep the colors the same order as the color wheel. If you have hairdryer attachment that focuses the air in one spot use it!