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Are you looking to make a bold statement in your kitchen or bathroom? Then consider green granite. Green granite worktop colours probably have the greatest variety of options when it comes to secondary colours, offering something for everyone! While most of the other granite worktop colours have only minor influences, green has a wide variety of differing supporting colours and tones.


The place that it is being installed at must be secure and solid to fit perfectly. You can have it inclined or laying flat, but it must be set on a foundation that is solid. If you don’t do this, you will increase the chances of it cracking and you will have more problems after the event. Historically people have mounted slate on plywood sub-base hoping that this will eliminate the chances of it warping, but plywood has the tendency to do the same thing.


One factor to take into consideration is if you are happy with a natural cleft to the material or if you want it to be completely flat. When anyone had seen slate tiles for example, the surface tends to contain undulations rather than being flat as per other stone materials. Natural cleft, or riven, can amount to a + or - tolerance of 7mm of the surface requirement. This can also cause problems with inset (fitted from above) sinks.


Compared to porcelain, Formica and composite, you may have to perform a little more maintenance. However, the results and the beauty that it adds to your home are certainly worth it. When it comes to artistic appeal, you have three different types of slate to choose from for your worktop.