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there are seven wooden dolls in the box on the floor next to eachother
Driftwood Santa Christmas ornaments
a fish made out of driftwood on the side of a building with white walls
Recycled, Restored, Re-purposed, Reused
a tree made out of driftwood sticks
Wrapping paper Christmas tree
a piece of wood with gold paint on it and a wire ball hanging from the top
Engel der Fülle
Engel Workshop, Finde deine eigenen Holzteile im Wald oder suche aus meinem grossen Fundus deine Stücke aus und kreiere deinen einzigartigen Engel. Mehr auf meiner Homepage. #Engel_Workshop #DIY #Kunst #Kreativität #Fülle
an angel statue with two wings hanging on a wall next to a piece of wood
a wooden sculpture of a woman's head on a piece of driftwood against a white brick wall
an angel with wings and a white ball on top of its head sitting on a rock
Engel aus Schwemmholz
an angel statue sitting on top of a white table
Weihnachtsengel und Engelsfiguren | Keramik Kunst Blog
an angel statue made out of wood on top of a table