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Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.
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70+ Funny Affirmations to Light Up Your Day
Image with gratitude journal template of 21-day gratitude challenge Montessori, 21 Days Habit Challenge, 31 Day Gratitude Challenge, 21 Day Gratitude Challenge, Importance Of Gratitude, How To Be Grateful, Gratefulness Activities, Gratitude Aesthetic, Grateful Challenge
21-Day Gratitude Challenge
Take this simple gratitude challenge and kickstart your journaling journey.
Image with list of I am affirmations Winner Affirmations, Successful Affirmations, I Am A Blessing, Inspirational Quotes College, Write Affirmations, Strong Affirmations, I Am Patient, I Am Resilient, I Am Wealthy
150+ I AM Affirmations for Happiness, Morning, Abundance, Kids & Wealth
A curated list of I am affirmations across various topics.
Image with list of mental health affirmations I Choose Peace, Choose Peace, Mental Peace, Health Affirmations, Feeling Better, Daily Positive Affirmations, Soul On Fire, Special Words, Stressful Situations
105 Mental Health Affirmations for Mental Peace & Strength
Take care of your mental health with these positive affirmations.
Image with list of body positive affirmations Self Esteem Affirmations, Motivational Affirmations, Positive Mantras, Healing Affirmations, I Am Affirmations, Positive Body Image, Love My Body, Success Affirmations, Body Healing
100 Powerful Body Positive Affirmations for Loving Your Body
Our bodies deserve so much love, care, and respect from us. It's time we give them that.
Image with list of work affirmations Affirmation Ideas, Work Affirmations, Morning Affirmation, Work Goals, Attraction Affirmations, Job Interview Tips, Morning Affirmations, Law Of Attraction Affirmations, Self Love Affirmations
100 Work Affirmations for Balance and Happiness
Develop a healthy and empowering relationship with your work with the power of affirmations.
Image with list of career affirmations Financially Abundant, Career Affirmations, Be Patient With Me, Successful Career, I Believe In Me, Dream Career, My Career
100 Career Affirmations for Growth & Fulfillment
Feel the inspiration you need to fulfill your career goals with the power of positive affirmations.
List with image of manifestation affirmations Manifestation Affirmations, Manifestation Quotes, Life Blogs, How To Manifest, Daily Affirmations, Quote Aesthetic
100 Manifestation Affirmations for Achieving Your Goals
Work towards your goals with the power of manifestation and affirmations.
Image with list of motivation positive affirmations Health Positive Affirmations, I Am Stronger, Motivation Affirmations, Life Skills Lessons, Mental Health Recovery, Chakra Affirmations, Motivation Positive, Achieve Your Dreams
100 Positive Affirmations for Staying Motivated
Here's the dose of motivation you need every day to work towards your goals.
Image with list of daily affirmations Mindfulness Meditation, I Am A Winner, I Trust, Positive Change
101 Daily Affirmations for Mindful, Joyful Days
Bring the light of positive affirmations to your life daily.
List of positive affirmations quotes Positive Affirmation Quotes, Quotes For You, A Better Tomorrow, Better Tomorrow, Come To Me, Good Listener, Positive Affirmation
150+ Positive Affirmation Quotes For You
“A positive attitude is a person's passport to a better tomorrow.”
Image with list of law of attraction affirmations Internal Energy, Gratitude Affirmations, Manifesting Abundance, Spiritual Manifestation, Law Of Attraction Money, Wealth Affirmations
110 Law of Attraction Affirmations To Create Your Dream Life
Create the life of your dreams with the law of attraction affirmations for money, love, success, and gratitude.
Image with list of Wayne Dyer Affirmations Wayne Dyer, Nature, Wayne Dyer Quotes, Shine On, Gratitude Journal
The Very Best Wayne Dyer Affirmations & Quotes
Let the power of Wayne Dyer's words shine on your soul today!
Image with list of Louise Hay affirmations Louis Hay Affirmations, I Am Good Enough, Louise Hay Quotes, Louise Hay Affirmations, I Am Good, Radha Soami, Love Anniversary Quotes, Happy Life Quotes
The Top 100 Louise Hay Affirmations
Rejoice in the beauty of the words from the Queen of Affirmations!