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Social Media: Canada uses more social media than the U.S.A! Along with facebook, Canada is leading in many more forms of social media. In fact, 43% of Canadian's used Skype in 2012.

Alliances/Enemies- Though Canada is know as a very friendly country, they're not friends with everyone. They have a few enemies. The top 4 enemies are the Taliban, Iran, & Russian.

Alliances/Enemies- Canada has the one of biggest alliances with the U.S. They are also large trading partners.–United_States_relations

Economy/Products- Canada trades with quite a few countries. The top one they trade with is probably the U.S. they also trade with Israel,Panama, & some European countries.

Economy/Products- While Canada has a decent economy, some people are still out of work. Nationally, 7.2% of Canadians are unemployed.

Economy/Products- Canada has many exports. Some exports are crude oil, petroleum, & coal. The top 3 industries on Canada are transportation equipment, chemicals, & minerals.

Healthcare- The Canada Health Act was passed in April of 1984. This act ensures healthcare to Canadian citizens. Americans could compare this act to the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.

HealthCare System: Canada offers healthcare to everyone in the country. Though this sounds good, only 86% of Canadians support the system.

HealthCare System: In Canada, everyone has health care. This means healthcare is supplied to everyone, and people have the opportunity to stay healthly.

Religion: Canada has no official religion. Many Canadians are atheist, meaning they don't believe in God. No one religion is stronger than the others.