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How to Repair a Drywall Crack

Make unsightly flaws in your walls disappear.

Drywall patching tips and tricks

Drywall Patching Tips and Tricks: Holes, How To, Wall, DIY

10 ways to make your drywall look like new.

Expert Tips for How to Install Drywall

A good drywall job starts with solid backing and properly driven fasteners. Learn how pros make their finished drywall look smooth and straight.

How To Fix Torn Drywall Paper

We've all been there. You want to repaint a room in your house. You remove the trim, but maybe you (or your demo hubby) don't score the trim and sure enough... the paint pulls the paper on your drywall right off. Those days are over, folks! Please note: Obviously, the best thing you could do is to not have this happen. When removing trim, baseboards or anything that has been painted or caulked on a wall, score it with a utility knife. It will save you lots of time. Step 1 - C…

How to Patch Drywall

Background: My Mom purchased a small house down the street from us. It was in decent shape but needed some repairs and updates. In addition to electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and several cosmetic updates such as painting, tiling the bathroom floor, updating the shower, installing new flooring, painting kitchen cabinets,

Great diy guides about everything. Schedule a free in home consultation with someone from Home Depot to find out where pipes and wires are and you are good to go. How to Quickly Build Small Partition Dry Wall ( Wood Framing ) Inside for Your House

How to Build a Dry Wall Partition for Your House

Building a small partition/drywall (wood framing) inside your house is very simple. You need only a few tools and luckily, building material for this kind of wall is very cheap. After reading this article, you won't need a company to do it...

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Urestone Ledgestone #35 Desert Tan 24 in. x 48 in. Stone Veneer Panel

Urestone Lite Stone Veneer panels are the ideal solution to complete a stone project in a weekend. Don't mess with installing individual stones, these panels interlock to create a seamless stone wall. Panels offer the ultimate in realism of texture and coloring. Color: Desert Tan.

This article walks you through the “Do's and Don'ts” of drywall installation. It will help you avoid seven common mistakes people make when tackling their drywall projects. Enjoy the foibles of our enthusiastic but sadly misguided drywall installer as he shows you the right way and the wrong way to get the job done.

7 Drywall Installation Mistakes You’ve Probably Made Before

These are seven drywall installation mistakes you've probably made before and how to fix those mistakes before you do it again.

Preparing Walls for Painting: Problem Walls | The Family Handyman

Preparing Walls for Painting: Problem Walls

Here's how to fix paint chips on walls and other wall flaws to make them perfectly smooth as you start preparing walls for painting.

In this article, we'll show you how to avoid common sanding mistakes and offer several tips for getting the best results from your drywall sanding job. Sanding drywall is tedious, dusty work. But if you do it right, you'll be rewarded with a great-looking paint job that will make all the effort worthwhile.

Drywall Sanding Tips and Techniques

All the best tips and techniques for a smooth drywall surface.

Tips for Better Drywall Taping

Simple tricks for fast, flawless drywall finishing

Repair torn drywall...Seal tears before applying joint compound. Prevents "Flashing" (Dull Paint finish)

Preparing Walls for Painting: Problem Walls

Fix any wall before you paint to get a super-smooth finish

Drywall Patching Tips and Tricks: Holes, How To, Wall, DIY

10 ways to make your drywall look like new.

How to Patch Drywall

Drywall repair is a common DIY project around the home. It’s helpful to know how to patch drywall if you’re remodeling. This guide explains how to do so with just a few tools and materials.

How to Patch a Hole in a Textured Ceiling | eHow.com

At some point, every house develops a flaw in the ceiling, whether it's from a plumbing leak, a fixture being moved, a crack from the foundation settling or another physical damage. Although not a particularly fun project, this type of repair is a task that an average homeowner can accomplish successfully.