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Strange Sea Creatures

Strange sea creatures abound in all of the world's oceans. This board showcases some of the neatest looking marine animals known to mankind.
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The oarfish is a rarely seen strange sea creature that is considered the longest fish in the world. It's ribbon like body style makes you think or a serpent like animal. Very cool. #ocean #marinelife #pacific #sealife #fish


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See this awesome video film of the world's first moving images of a live Giant Squid. #science #seacreature #pacific #ocean #marinelife


Strange Sea Creatures

The Giant Squid is alive. This is incredible video footage of a live specimen. It is the first time one has been photographed and captured on film - live. Magnificent, even if they do get a lot larger. #giantsquid #seacreature #pacific #ocean #marinelife


Strange Sea Creatures

Manta Ray, #sea_creature Cocos Islands, Indian Ocean Poster

Cocos Islands, Indian Ocean.