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PK-5 Students Deserve Better Math Instruction
Happy Numbers is an online PK-5 math resource that individualizes instruction for each student. We provide instruction, practice, and correction as students progress through a carefully-planned curriculum. It's like having their own personal teacher right next to them! Students can use Happy Numbers independently from any device, and teachers can monitor student growth remotely.
a sign that says appreciation station with hearts attached to the front and back of it
Random Acts of Kindness Week 2015
Appreciation Station set up in cafeteria- kids come by and write notes to adult helpers in the school. (Thankful Tuesdays)
the instructions for how to make an iron man character from spiderman in minecraft
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a blue bulletin board with the words daily schedule on it and an image of children in school
Back to School - Ideas for Setting Up Your Classroom
This editable daily schedule helps kids see a visual timetable of their day ahead. It includes time cards with clocks and a variety of subject labels. There are also days of the week labels. #visualtimetable #dailyschedule #classroomdecor #classroomorganization #specialneeds
a bulletin board with different clocks on it
EDITABLE Visual Classroom Daily Schedule Cards with Time Back to School Decor
Clocks showing our daily schedule help the students learn to tell time every day.