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Bees & lady bugs game - inspiration only, no pattern available.
Ravelry: Spin Balls pattern by Abigail Gonzalez

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Crochet cars #amigurumi
OMG i love this!!!
Tiny Crochet Car free pattern on Look At What I Made at

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Crochet pears,pretend play food,kids kitchen
crocheted kitchen utensils and pot holders are arranged on a table with text overlay
Crocheted Cosmetic Bag
an alarm clock is made out of knitted material and has a rope attached to it
crochet artist trevor smith crafts retro-domestic appliances from wool
a crocheted red and white object sitting on top of a table
Amazing Crochet Pieces From Trevor Smith – I Spy a Crock Pot, Books, a Blender and Transistor Radio! - KnitHacker
a red and white mixer sitting on top of a table
Feast Your Eyes on This Glorious Crocheted Food
there is a crocheted microwave with two bowls next to it
Crochet Easy-Bake Oven Plushie by Yummy Pancake - KnitHacker
crochet berries, for kids kitchen, blueberries, box of blueberries, fake food
Crochet food pattern Crochet Strawberry Pattern Easy 12 in 1 Realistic Strawberry Amigurumi Pattern
crocheted raspberries in a bowl on a tablecloth covered table cloth
three crocheted pumpkins on a blue background
Maria Skog's incredible crocheted food is a sumptuous feast for the eyes
several small crocheted items are displayed on a white surface, including garlic and an onion