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Gallery page has all kinds of paintings and art from eminent and upcoming artists of India covering various subjects like figurative, abstract, mythological, landscape, etc. Buy from the top art gallery of Kolkata, India

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New artwork added on! "Bansidhar -19" by Ramchandra B Pokale Acrylic On Canvas, Size(inches): 24X20 See more artworks by Ramchandra B Pokale at:

"The splendor of many sun's" this phrase occurs repeatedly in the Vedas, esp The Bhagwat Gita, , which is said to be the original source of patanjali's yoga sutra, beside being a metaphor to describe the profound radiance of the divine, many suns hints at something scientific too, the space between atoms is relatively more then the space between planets and can contain many suns, the phrase has a beautiful quantum connotation…