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Hanuman is a Hindu god, who was an ardent devotee of Rama according to the Hindu legends. He is a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana and its various versions. He also finds mentions in several other texts, including Mahabharata, the various Puranas and some Jain texts. A vanara (monkey-like humanoid), Hanuman participated in Rama's war against the demon king Ravana. Several texts also present him as an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

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Hanuman is considered to be an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva. Shri Hanuman, a great disciple of Sri Rama, is the symbol of devotion and dedication. Lord Hanumana is a provider of courage, hope, knowledge, intellect and devotion.Hanuman is worshipped for his strength, agility and valor. The worship of Hanuman, symbolizes the worship of the Supreme Lord, for acquiring knowledge, physical and mental strength, truthfulness, sincerity, self-sacrifice, modesty, loyalty, and profound devotion…

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Ramayana — Rama, Hannuman, and the vanara army crossing the bridge to Lanka. They constructed the bridge with help from Rama's brother Lakshman to rescue Sita, who was kidnapped by Ravana.

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Surya,Suraya or Phra Athit is the chief solar deity in Hinduism. Surya also refers to the Sun. Surya is the chief of the Navagraha . He is often depicted riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses or one horse with seven heads, which represent the seven colours of the rainbow or seven chakras. He presides over Sunday. Surya is regarded as the Supreme Deity by Saura sect. Smartas worship him as one of the 5 primary forms of God. He, as the Sun is worshipped at dawn by Hindus.

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