How Can You Use Your Hands as Multiplication Manipulatives? | Teacher Blog Spot This is a great math blog too!

Multiplication Hand Tricks - Why weren't we taught to multiply this way? I never knew any of the hand multiplication tricks.I had to memorize the times tables!

another idea outdoor tic tac toe

Outdoor tic tac toe using stone tiles and rocks. I would make a small garden for the kids and have this in it. Cute decor when the kids aren't playing with it. Great for when the mom is at work and the kids want to play

Take math outside with these awesome math activities for prek and kindergarten

Outdoor Math Activities For Kids

9 FUN outdoor math activities for kids - so many great learning activities for preschool and kindergarten age kids for summer Frugal Summer Activities, Summer Kids Activities

Superhero writing area

Classroom Environment Superhero capes on back of chair ( Great Idea for the first row of seating for program attendance)

Cute '10 in the bed' practical aid, made with a stiff envelope & lolly sticks (",)

10 in a Bed from EllieAndAbbie "(This project is really easy. Just use a stiff white envelope for the bed. Then glue felt onto the envelope for the blanket. I got the idea from this book: Kathy Ross Crafts: Numbers)" FOR USE IN BASIC MATH

Kids will love these gorgeous reads as they learn about numbers and counting!

Marvelous Math Books for Kids

Knowing some maths language with concepts really helps children when they get to school. Sneak in a little math during story time with these fun counting books!

Super ideas for things to use to help kids count, sort and explore! Great for 100th Day of School activities. From @Jacqui Maher Maher Maher Maher Maher Eames @ KC Edventures with Kids

Count to 100: Estimation Jars & Teaching Kids to Count

Great for Day of School activities -- Creative ideas for things to use to help kids count, sort and explore! Plus a few unique science activities for the kids too!

7 Easy to make games to keep your guests entertained! #diy #wedding #games

DIY Friday. 7 Easy to make games to keep your guests entertained

Un jeu de domino fait main pour animer le lendemain du mariage ! A game of hand made domino to liven up the day after the wedding !

More ideas
Corkboard Connections: math problem solving-by Laura Candler-How to Recharge Mathematical Thinking...What can we do to help our students overcome their word problem phobias? One strategy that worked for me was to give my students opportunities to talk over how they planned to solve word problems before I let them pick up their pencils to work on them.

Corkboard Connections

How to Recharge Mathematical Thinking using the Recharge & Write cooperative learning strategy.

Common Core Mathematical Practices.  Free posters!

8 Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices Classroom Posters Remind students of these valuable Math Practices with these colorful and simple legal-size

Mathematics in the early years should be a fun and exciting time where children can explore, actively learn and critically think.

Supporting Mathematics outdoors in the early years - Early Years Careers

The environment is a compelling context for teaching and engaging today's students in science, technology, engineering and math.

Environmental Education and STEM: science, technology, engineering & math. The environment is a compelling context for teaching and engaging today's students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Are you looking for some resources for Common Core math? Here, blogger Matt Davis rounds up some of the most useful CCSS math resources for high school educators.

Common Core Math: Best Resources for High School Educators

Here are some of the best resources aligned with the Common Core for math high school teachers. It is a topic that is highly stressed over and simplistic tools like these can aid you to be a more efficient educator.

Great for teaching math.

The How to Help Students Meet the CCSS for Math Infographic outlines what students should be doing to meet the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

What a brilliant idea - secret bat writing

Kinder Max on

“RT Children love using torches.We played secret messages on black paper.