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DIY Thermite Required Materials Iron Oxide - aka rust Powdered Aluminum (these are both available from paint stores) Magnesium strip or sparkler Protective mask and gloves Scale Bucket + heavy duty plastic bag Container - an empty pop can works well Mini torch Procedure Line the bucket with the plastic bag. This is where you will combine your materials (duh) Combine your materials. The ratio you are looking for is 8 grams of Iron Oxide for every 3 grams of Aluminum. Be careful and do this somewhere safe with no chance for ignition Carefully agitate the bag, mix well Fill container Ignition Find something cool to melt a hole through and place your container on it. Stick your magnesium strip into the mixture and use it as a fuse. Ignite using a mini torch and retreat to a safe distance. , -k - Thermite reactions generate incredible amounts of heat in a very short time - roughly 2500c! It goes without saying that you don't use this indoors. The reaction also generates potentially dangerous amounts of UV, so resist the temptation to watch it burn unless you are quite far away or using suitable eye protection. Thermite is notoriously tricky and unpredictable to ignite. Don't take any chances. The reaction is potentially explosive if ignited on ice. Have fun and only use this power for good! - )
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