Sabarmati Ashram, peace and serenity designed by Architect Charles Correa, Gujrat India...Tribute to the Mahatma

Hriday Kunj (ह्रदय कुंज) Sabarmati Ashram , unlike the first Ashram this Ashram was based on new emerging thinking and principles of gandhi. which is a glimpse of self dependence and self-reliance .then he boycotts British building architecture & built this according to the local environment & rural household.this ashram was quite large&they could easily encourage livestock breeding industry&handcrafts to the path of selfdependence.hridaykunj is a thinking,where Gandhi's heart dwells.

Also known as Sabarmati Ashram. When Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa in 1915, he first established in the Kochrab area of Ahmedabad. Later, in 1917, the Ashram was shifted to the banks of the Sabarmati river (hence the name) where it now still stands and where he lived until 1933.

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