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a person holding up a colorful tile in front of some trees
Lippanart / Lippan kaam
a colorful decorative plate sitting on top of a wicker tablecloth covered place mat
Diwali decor inspo #dilkidiwali #diwalidecor #DilKiDiwali
a yellow and white flower design with candles on the floor
someone is decorating a table with flowers and candles for diwaling the ganeshi
Triveni Shirke 🇮🇳 on Reels | Om Voices · Sarva Mangal Mangalye – Devi Shloka
a decorated table with flowers on it in the middle of a flooring area that has white tile floors
50 Rangoli Designs For Diwali To Brighten Your Home In Style (2023)
a decorated table with flowers and fruit on it
My art😇
Easy & Simple Color Rangoli Design
Bini on Instagram
a bowl with candles and flowers in it on the floor next to some orange balls
DIY Diwali Decor
a colorfully decorated umbrella sitting on the ground next to a wall and window sill
Half Circle Rangoli Design Images (Kolam Ideas)