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It is very important to keep in mind that your first date is a discovery period for both you and your potential date. You’re both trying to discover things about the other person who you’ve chosen to meet. Many people might feel uncomfortable about opening up about themselves at first. It’s very important to relax …

Tips for a Romantic & Fantastic First Date -

Falling in love comes at the cost of losing two close friends, a study says. We probably all know that a passionate new relationship can leave you little time for others, but now science has put some numbers on the observation. Oxford University researchers asked people about their inner core of friendships and how this …

Survey : Falling in love can lose your Close Friends -

When you have been in a #relationship for a while, you and your partner tend to fall into a routine. You become used to doing the same thing and this makes your relationship predictable, hence boring. Here we have 8 #Tips to Keep your Relationship #Healthy and #Spicy.

8 Ways to Keep Things Spicy in Your Relationship -