I like these earrings as the use of colour and material is very simple yet unusual. I like that the colours are bright and eye catching. I would like to include a design like this in my piece of jewellery as I think it is very appealing. This piece of jewellery would most likely be worn by women aged 15-30.

Rainbow . organza one of a kind earrings . Dancing in the air - designed and handmade by MGMart

I really like that the flowers are so detailed yet have been made out of something as common as paper. The colours are also really bright which is nice.

Blossom Earrings . Bright Lime Green and Light Pale Green

Blossom Earrings by KarinHopeDesigns. Bright Lime Green and Light Pale Green, flower earrings, green earrings, shades of green, lime color

I really like the way these homemade sweet wrapper roses stand out.

DIY Candy Wrapper Roses/Flowers - This! 13 Ways to Reuse Candy Wrappers

I really like this piece of jewellery as I think the fact that the flowers are made from fabrics is really interesting. The gold and bright red beads against the dark reds of the flowers really stands out. I think this piece would appeal mostly to women aged 20-35.

Moroccan Princess - Fabric Flower Jewellery Set consist of Necklace, Earrings and Ring (Ready To Ship)

I really like this simple homemade necklace. I think the texture of the rope and the fabric of the flower goes together very well and catches your eye.

Fabric Flower Necklace

Easy and pretty necklace! Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a fabric necklace in under 10 minutes by jewelrymaking with fabric, glue, and needle and thread.

Stag Beetle Neckpiece. Labradorite, diamonds, gold and silver. I think this would appeal mostly to older women aged 30-60.

Stag Beetle neckpiece by Lucy Sylvester, Yellow Gold twigs, stag beetle in silver set with Labradorite and diamonds.