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Homes // Bedroom Minotti © Assured To Inspire (livin in LA or a short visit)

Starry night sky bedroom lighting - WOW how amazing to do one wall like this or the HALLWAY

This is a picture of a bedroom. It has lights on the walls and ceilings to signify the peace and quite in the room. The light beside the bed also creates a cosy atmosphere. The bed is neatly made and this gives us an ORDERED atmosphere.

Parade of Homes - Bedrooms - Organize and Decorate Everything; I would put bunk beds in the spare room just so I could do this

bed frame Bunk beds with a slide. My grown ass wants this! It'll be fun getting out of bed in the morning. bunk beds awesome bed room L.

44 Cozy Nooks You'll Want To Crawl Into Immediately

Love the idea of the icicle lights for a kids room! If we get a dream house which has a bedroom loft exactly like this, I'm goanna decorate it!

A NARNIA PASSAGEWAY. How have I never thought of this. Amazing. // 32 Things That Belong In Your Child's Dream Room

Swings in my house will happen. When the kids are little we can have a play room with swings and as they get earlier we'll turn it into a music station/library/art studio. With swings. :D I'M SO STOKED

Face Optical Illusion Art, Octavio Ocampo

Jesus optical illusion pictures are popular around the world. These images use the technique of optical illusion to create a spell binding effect.

Octavio Ocampo

Powerful books of life: Gallery Photos

A trail of crosses following the large picture of Christ nailed on a cross with backdrop causing an illusion of another Christ.

Non-framed orders made in 24 hours. Optical Illusions Poster created by welcometofranksstore.

Hidden Images: Optical Illusion Paintings by Oleg Shuplyak – DesignSwan.com

Illusion Art: Seeing double? Hidden inside these remarkable oil Paintings by Oleg Shuplyak lies a second layer of mind-blowing optical illusions.

Art illusion 19 65 Amazing Optical Illusion Pictures

Octavio Ocampo - Palm Sunday I see many imicgea.