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School Memes 101

I used to be that guy, but when I became a sophomore, I made sure to keep my mouth shut because it would get very bad if anyone remind the teacher about homework.

I love this poem (Two Dead Boys)  quite imaginative...

I love this poem (Two Dead Boys)

Old clapping game! One bright day in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight.<<<<< that's a clapping game?

This s meant fr our idiotic divya  mam.

we achieved some thing in our life .bt one thing wen I remember my maths miss ( karupu bannu ) I really hate maths.

So irritating logic...our teacher always asks this Image by ❤Adidas queen❤ Pinterest  Adidas queen

So irritating logic.our teacher always asks this Sahi h yr ye mere sath bhi hua h.