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a painting of a man with long white hair and beard standing on top of a mountain
Caminhos da Salvação
an old house is shown in the woods
an old abandoned house with snow on the ground
an old victorian house is covered in snow
an egyptian woman dressed in black and gold, holding a staff with her right hand
Egyptian cat god Basthet, Rumble ✦
an egyptian mural depicting the life of pharaoh tutanes and their attendants in front of a temple
The Kingdom of Kush: A proper introduction [Illustrated]
three large statues in front of a building with egyptian paintings on the walls and ceiling
an image of egyptian statues in front of a building
Some scenes that roughly illustrate the shape of Egypt 7,000 years ago
an animal standing on top of a grass covered field next to stone wall and rocks
a poster with an image of a woman's face and sun in the background
The Marginalian
Cartaz soviético.
an egyptian man dressed in costume standing next to a bed
Egyptian Mythology Afterlife Facts | Egyptian Afterlife Journey Step by Step
The ancient Egyptians were able to see God's Divinity in everything. They believed in life after death and in reincarnation which led them to create many gods and myths that influenced their culture, society and their entire life. The idea of the afterlife and judgment in ancient Egypt is very enough to know how great the Egyptians were and it's reasonable they made the greatest civilization ever Read about how the soul was reaching the afterlife in details. Check the link for more.
an image of the human body with many different symbols
₪ Cultura Pagã
chukart: “ Anatomy Occultus - V2 - A study of the Tree of Life in its anthropomorphic Adam Kadmon form. Archival Prints available in 9x19 on watercolor paper, 12x24 on cotton rag paper available for...