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Art student acquires huge social media following, launching career while at high school

This is a personal piece that Kate created while at high school. It expresses the inner critic; the eyes of judgment and ever self-conscious brain observing 'every tiny awkward thing I do wrong'. Despite concerns about not having been what she envisioned, this work has a raw honesty about it that resonates with viewers; executed with unfaltering perfection.

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Ballpoint pen art

Ok...this is really unbelievable. Have I been wasting my $ on art supplies or what. Incredible! Although the subject matter isn't my style I am definitely wondering if some of my friends wouldn't be inspired by it as well as teh medium itself.

And I thought this was someone putting eyeliner on to begin with, great idea! i like this because it is as if she is making her self perfect.

Interior vs. Exterior- what lies beneath against what we see on top, could be interesting with how you view yourself and how others view you