Remembering my granny and Channa Dal Stuffed Karelas #recipe #indian #sinamon

Remembering my granny and Channa Dal Stuffed Karelas


Julia Child’s Eggplant Pizzas. I find it hard to believe that Julia Child had a recipe for eggplant pizza.or pizza anything.

Persian-style Roasted Veggies | GI 365

Veggies roasted with different spice mixes are a favorite dinner in our house. I paired these Persian Roasted Veggies with Coconut Quinoa for a full meal.

Afghan Cabbage Vegetarian Recipe | Afghan Cookbook

Afghan Cabbage Vegetarian Recipe

Ingredients Half a medium cabbage cut into fine shreds 1 large onion finely chopped 4 tablespoons oil teaspoon turmeric powder teaspoon ground cumin powder Two medium tomatoes chopped

Achari Aloo Parwal

Parwal Aloo Ki Achari Bhujiya

Achari Aloo Parwal (pointed gourmand potato in pickle spices)

bharwa karela recipe preparing karela

Bharwa Karela with Besan

Bharwa Karela with Besan stuffed karela potato sabji recipe - authentic bharwa karela sabji prepared in onion tomato punjabi gravy. step by step recipe.