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Architect, Julian King, uses a half half approach of orthogonal and perspective to create either a flattened model or a three dimensional model.

Alex Wall, Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), The Pleasure of Architecture, 1983. Image Courtesy of Kemper Art Museum

Gallery of Drawings from Famous Architects' Formative Stages to be Exhibited in St. Louis - 4

Early Drawings by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, The Pleasure of Architecture, ca. © Office for Metropolitan Architecture. From the Collection of the Alvin Boyarsky Archive. Image Courtesy of Collection of the Alvin Boyarsky Archive

Zetland - Tribe Studio Architects

Tribe Studio Architects are one of the most inspiring and awarded Australian practices of its generation, known for artful, intelligent and sustainable work.

a f a s i a: João Filipe Pereira Veríssimo

Lisbon + isarch The urban intervention consists on the introduction of three distinct equipments: a market,.