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For every face you see in the mirror, there’s another hiding underneath the mask. With #MyKahaani, we unearth the truth that lies in every story. Uncover the two sides of this #Kahaani2 at Joel Thottan from Mumbai writes a #Collaboration [ 140 ] on #MyKahaani

Terribly Tiny Tales and Anasuya Chakraborty complete a tale, [ together ] As we draw the curtains on 2016, here's hoping the next act brings a better year. Best wishes! Team TTT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Though on different sides of the screen, you and we have always been a team. For the first time ever, we bring our worlds and words [together] on the same page. #terriblytinytales #ttt #microfiction #wordporn

When two people fall in love, it makes for a good story. When friends fall in love, it becomes a bestseller. With @harpercollinsin, we go back to high school romance that explores the slow journey of healing, moving on, learning to die and deciding to live. To join in the journey of #NikhilAndRiya, buy now - Palak Kapadia from Mumbai writes a #Collaboration [ 140 ] on #NikhilAndRiya

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