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Exam Shoot Five

For this shoot I plan to create photos that are closest to the classic idea of female perfection, therefore I plan to use the in-camera setting of black and white to create that timeless look and be careful of how I position my model to flatter her features. Model: Bernice | Props: Canon 7D, plus standard lens | Location: College studio
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IMG_8559 - Part Two: For the manipulation, I decided to make the studio background reach all the way across the frame by using the clone tool, which I believe improves the image greatly, although the smoothness of this cloning could be slightly improved. I also lessened the shadow behind her head that was taking some of the attention away from the model. I also removed her blemishes, and used the shadow behind her to make her arm appear thinner.


IMG_8537 - Part Two: For the manipulation, I decided to continue emphasising the idea of feminine perfection, and improving the flaws of the actual image. To do this, I brightened the image slightly, upped the contrast, and used the dodge tool on her legs to even out the light over her entire body. I then, to follow the conceptions of ‘perfect’ feminine beauty, used the clone tool to make her arm nearest the camera slightly thinner, as well as to remove any blemishes & the shadow behind…


IMG_8572 - Part Four: Because the previous manipulation did not quite work I as wished it too, I decided to scrap the idea of trying to create ‘perfection’ and simply emphasise the perfection of the moment and mood that is already there. To do this I simply left the shadows smoothed over as I believe this does positively improve the image, without compromising the natural look to it, I then brightened the image and left it how it was.

IMG_8559 - Part One: Because I liked the unusual pose I did before, with her lying on her side, I decided to another one similar. Although I do like this pose, I would have liked to have made her legs look even more elongated, which I could have done by taking the photo from slightly lower down her body. The lighting is flattering, bringing out the structure in her face and making her skin look silvery. Her head also falls into the composition of the rule of thirds.

IMG_8572 - Part One: For this image, I decided to revert back to a portrait of her face, yet to a more natural one which may considered flawed in more than one way: her natural smile may not be considered to match up to the ideal of feminine beauty, both of her eyes are not fully lit and she has no looking space. However, this is where a candid shot in the middle of a staged shoot can have its own ideal of perfection surrounding it. A timeless moment.

IMG_8572 - Part Two: I decided to try and alter some of this image’s flaws by cloning an eye that WAS lit from another image into this one – however, although I spent time playing about with the opacity, the positioning, the size of her pupil and the brightness, it still doesn’t quite work because of the shadows it looks unnatural. I also smoothed over the shadows near her mouth to improve her complexion and leaving no distraction from the model.

IMG_8528 - Part Two: During the manipulation, I wished to emphasise the feminine perfection further, rather than distort it with the light as I have done previously. To do this, I brightened the photo and made the contrast lower, bringing a silvery glow to her face and bringing her eyes out further (emphasised by her makeup). I also corrected the ‘flaws’ on her skin, such as her spots and uneven skin, and then emphasised her jaw line by adding more shadow to it, both by using the clone tool.

IMG_8528 - Part One: I took this photo because I liked the way her face falls in the middle of the frame (after experimenting with having her eyes or lips following the rule of thirds) and how her skin is smoothly lit by the low soft box I had pointing down at her face, as well as leaving shadows on the ground beneath her, making her stand out clearly from the background, even in the soft light. I believe that this photo shows a particularly feminine perfection, due to the soft shadows…

IMG_8519 - Part Two: For the manipulation of this image, I decided to do the minimal I could whilst trying to make the model reach the standards of ‘perfection,’ yet showing the disruption of that idea of perfection through the lighting, which has harsh shadows covering up parts of her face. What I did do during the manipulation was smooth the shadow out near her mouth and removed her spots, both by using the clone tool. Overall, I am pleased with the look of the finished piece.