penelope dullaghan + socks + illustration + yellow shoes + stripes + ilustração + sapatos amarelos

illustration by penelope dullaghan fashion striped tights shoes

Fashion Designing Templates by emyang300

Fashion Designing Templates by is useful because it shows how to draw arms and legs bent not just straight down. love

Nhu Xuan Hua Photography - Rebirth We made a telegram link and we are trying to share the best pictures of fashion in it and we are greatly honored if u join us :)

by Bernadette Pascua

Amazing Fashion Collage, Fashion Sketch, Sketchbook, Fashion drawing, Fashion Illustration by Bernadette Pascua

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion illustrations & textile swatches; fashion portfolio // Giryung Kim


Fashion Sketchbook with fashion illustrations & textile swatches created by Giryung Kim

fashion illustration

fashion illustration watercolor by Bernadette Pascua

Self promotion idea. Here's an interesting idea - this is a fabric sampler - but how about reducing your work - writer/photographer/blogger/designer - to a miniature scale and attach them to hang tags to show off your creativity as well as your fab talent.

CM Commitee- attach fabric or theme colors/fabrics/images/info to hang tags and attach to hot chocolate cups or on handouts

MUSE BA Fashion (Year 1), Central Saint Martins

Brightly coloured print on fashion moodboard.

PHOTO COLLAGE by Matt Wisniewski.

Matt Wisniewski / Overlay a color pattern/idea over a subject, mask it so it only covers the subject fashion silhouette wall painting

CONTOUR LINE: The lines on the models clearly define the shape of the figure and give volume to the drawing. Image Detail for - fashion models - - DrawingNow

Fashion portfolio page

Jodi Worbey - ArtsThread Profile

Fashion portfolio page

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design development // Fashion student portfolio, Sunderland University

Fashion sketchbook design development from Sunderland University

Megan Hess’ Paris-inspired fashion illustrations

Megan Hess' Paris-inspired fashion illustrations

Megan Hess’ latest print collection LACE, features eight intricately detailed illustrations inspired by historical designer creations, fashion movements of the century and the…