I’m searching - Carnet de travailÉlisabeth Couloigner

Simple colour and tonal studies across full pages I'm searching - Carnet de travail by Élisabeth Couloigner

Handy book mark to remind students how to do this properly...

Art & Design artist research steps infographic - poster, handout or bookmark

A printable PDF infographic to support your students to produce high quality artists research. Can be printed as a handout, poster or bookmark.

art, Edward Cheverton, illustration, Mixed media, Music, Obsession, sketchbooks, Time

Time Obsession Drawing Book by: Edward Cheverton: six journal pages with drawings and collage

buenos aires

Urban sketchers, sketch by Norberto Dorantes i like the technique used ion this piece of work, it is unusual and original. the ink/water colour paint adds a great effect and the pen on top makes the overall image stand out

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