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the words are in two different languages
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Daily use sentence in English | Hindi to English translation
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How to translate " Ye to hokar hi rahega" | Daily spoken Sentence
a quote with the words, he fatty refuse to accompany me to the party - nisha
a sign with the words i am down with a cold written in english on it
the words fuddle are written in black and white on a pink marble background,
an instagram page with the words ielts writing syonvins on it
the words are in two languages, one says i haven't eaten anything since morning
an advertisement with the words you are doodle in red and black on a white background
the words don't publicize in english
an image with the words stopteasing don't mug up and don't interrupt don't nag me
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a quote with the words, let the dust settle - nisha in english and an image of a rose