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How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Train

T is for Train- to use with other T or train activities and books- Chugga Chugga Choo Choo: How to Make a Toilet Paper Tube Train

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Cute circle time activity, have the kids split up into groups of three and come up with 5 words that describe teddy bears, then you could talk about what you do with teddy bears

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We have recently sorted our provision in the water tray to ensure a focus on #finemotorskills primary over than #grossmotorskills, so we enhanced the water tray by adding a washing line. There was barely space to wash the clothes in the end as everyone wanted to join in. As well as wringing the clothes of water and in turn developing gross motor skills they also developed their fine motor skills by squeezing open the pegs! Also lots of fun!

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