Rebelious subject, shaky text, hinting t grunge. A music magazine as it should be, at least for this issue.

The roughness and lack of order or symmetry in this cover is really effective for the type of magazine it is. If i was doing a rock magazine, this would be the look I would aim to create.

Type by David Carson. i want this magazine

Ray Gun Magazine cover "Beck" by David Carson / Issue 39 / September 1996 - using photography and messy type (for photograms idea)

ray gun, issue 28: 'neil young' - david carson, august 1995 [via joe kral on flickr; link to photostream]

- Ray Gun Magazine cover "Neil Young" by David Carson / Issue 28 / August 1995

David Carson

Designer David Carson and artist George Bates collaborated to create the artwork and identities for the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York and Quiksilver Pro France surfing contest/events

David Carson lecture posters - prints and art coming soon. Please signup at:

David Carson - poster for the International Typographic Symposium, Bangkok, November 2014

RAYGUN, ISSUE #56, COVER | by caspar_v

This cover is definitely typography driven. The faded and subtle burn on the photo makes it cohesive. I like the sepia looking filter on the photo.