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Danger Music Helps

"A blog ... or is it..." "Yes .. it is... it just... isn't about anything... other than Craig Charles..." "But it has funny pictures and stories which I find hilarious" "Well thank you anonymous adoring fan. Mind if I quote this for my pinterest board?" "Your wha_" "Byeeeeeeeeeee!......"
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Sponsored by Fish Need Fingers. The charity for marine digit abuse claims.

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The mysteries!.... The WONDER!

Nerd Fact Of The Time Period! : Lizards

Still no idea...

Coaster Comics 3: Basking Shark

Never ever get involved in anything ever.

Fish Made Me Broke

Nerd Fact Of The Time Period : Jellyfish

"It's Christmoose time.... there's no need to be afraid...."

Seasons greetings!

Remember when this was going to be a series... and then... I just wandered off.... blogging is fun

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Zack and Shark make a porno

A Game of Shark

In retrospect... bloglovin is terrible

Not A Real Post, Just Selling My Soul

How to win at life

The Coffee Scale