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Chuck Close style portraits- Spoon reflections from life- distortion or possibly shiny ornament reflections

Dillard High School: Graphic Design Gallery

This is how students will begin their final portrait. They will take a picture in an interesting composition, then draw the composition from that picture. They can pair up with someone and use the classroom camera or use their cell phones to take a picture. They will have to make sure to use the highest setting dpi to get the clearest picture when printed on paper.

Harder Pressed by ka00te on deviantART

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Artist's exquisite photorealistic portraits using pencils and Q-tips

Minute detail: The artist copies from the photographs using a grid system, filling in her page square by square

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Award-Winning Works | Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises

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Portraiture: An exciting A2 Coursework Project (A Level Art)

awesome high school art. Something to strive for, you 2D realists. Silly images like this could be used to show a side of someones personality that may be shown often when painting a portrait.

Portraiture: An exciting A2 Coursework Project (A Level Art)