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a woman holding two bottles of alcohol on a tray with the caption's name in german
an old advertisement for dram beer with a ship in the background and ribbon around it
Oost West, Hollands Best, jenever wereldwijd | Historiek
Oost West, Hollands Best, jenever wereldwijd
an old fashioned poster with a baby in the middle of it's egg shell
Molenaars Kindermeel Westzaan
Molenaars Kindermeel Westzaan | "His first wish" Molenaars k… | Flickr
an old poster with a woman holding a plate of food
Oude reclames
Oude reclames
an old poster with the words in german
Oude reclames
Oude reclames
an advertisement for the alles is te kop in woerden, germany
Hilarisch: oude advertenties in de Woerdense Courant uit de jaren 50 - indebuurt Woerden
an old poster with beer bottles and shamrocks
Oude Nederlands reclameposters Bier Heineken
an advertisement for the national stereo system with two speakers and a record player on it
a sign that is on top of a chair
an old verkade biscuit tin with a girl holding a cookie
Het jaren 80 interieur, de kenmerken en gebruiken - Wonen & Interieur | Jouw Inspiratie voor Huis & Tuin
an advertisement for the hungarian children's book, honigg's puddingingpooder
a blue band margarine advertisement with a woman holding a basket and wearing a hat
an advertisement for jams with three women holding up a jar
Vintage Advertising for Apple Butter
Retro Vintage, Vintage Radio, Retro Poster, Vintage Cigarette Ads, Vintage Cards
Laurens, Ed. sigarettenfabriek (1921 - 1995) - SHIE
the cover of william shakespeare's novel, william i and his perfect cigars
Oude Reclameborden
an old clock with a fan on top of it's stand next to a white wall
Edison slow motor fan
an antique fan is on display in the middle of a room filled with other items
an old movie poster for telefunkken with a woman pointing at the camera
Vintage Posters, Liberty, Propaganda
an advertisement for the emerson television shows a woman sitting in front of a small tv
The Golden Age of Television: 35 Cool Pics of TV Advertisements From the 1950s
an old poster with a man holding a trumpet
an advertisement for the first - ever victoria record player, which was sold in stores
an old advertisement for a radio from the ussr
an old movie poster with a man holding a woman and the words palamolive on it
an advertisement for edison records with a hand holding a microphone in front of it
a woman in yellow dress holding an old record player with musical notes on the cover
a woman is typing on an old - fashioned typewriter in front of a lake
an advertisement for the radiola record player
Vinyl and Other Delights: Bild
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an advertisement for philips radio from the 1950's shows a woman with her radio
Adagio 52
a woman sitting in a red chair next to a book shelf
a blue and white plate topped with pretzels and a mug filled with beer
Beistle 7" Oktoberfest Themed Party Tableware Plates - 12 Pack (8/Pkg)
an advertisement for davidson's jelly beans with a young boy sitting on top of it
Davitamon - Een 10 voor gezondheid.
Bread, Real
a woman in uniform is holding a peppermint advertismal for pez
Life at Willow Manor: pez-
an advertisement for maggi's braten sauce with a smiling woman holding a pair of scissors
an advertisement for maggi soup with a cow eating out of it
an advertisement for liebig from the 1950's, featuring a woman carrying a large bottle
an advertisement for phillips batteries with a robot made out of batteries and the caption reads, philips battery die gaan lang mee
an advertisement for the paris office - industrial bureau, which is now called phillips's 521
Philips - France, 30ies
an old advertisement for the creats radio with woman standing in front of it
Alemania, 1959.
an advertisement for home is the smell of apple pie with two children and a man
an advertisement for the telephone with a woman sitting in front of a table and a record player
an advertisement for the edison phonograph
an old fashioned radio advertises the phonola radio as a woman sitting on a chair
an advertisement for the popular musical company, philipso with dancers and music equipment in it
an old advertisement for omo washing clothes on a line with children playing in the background
a metal sign with an image of a wooden barrel and buckets on the side
Miele, metalen wandbord met reliëf 20x30
Verzamelobject of gewoon leuk voor aan de muur in de huiskamer, gang, cafe of waar je deze op wil hangen.
a woman sitting in a bathtub next to a water heater with the words junkers on it
a woman sitting in a bathtub next to a black dog
Retro Humour, Humour, Beatles, Hope, Funny Vintage Ads, Vintage Humor, Retro Humor
50 Ridiculously Offensive Vintage Ads That Would Definitely Be Banned Today
an advertisement for maggi's aroma with a smiling man holding a bottle of wine
Maggi reclame Maggi 's Aroma reclamebord 10x15 cm
Johan Cruyff, For The, Do You Remember, The Good Old Days
leuke affiche
an advertisement for liberator cycles and bicycles, from the early 1900's
old retro vintage Bicycle poster