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Just a coincidence, or is it? Same creator, similar design.

Everything really is connected. The Mandelbrot Set at microscopic & galactic scale is exactly the same. The Fabric of Reality in all it's glory. Brain cell, the universe, birth of a cell, death of a star, eye and nebula.

Things to Learn for Free

Learning new skills doesn& have to cost a lot. In fact, learning something new doesn& have to cost a cent! For this week& 52 Ways to Save post, I& rounded

All You Need To Know About Rare Earth Metals [Infographic]

Rare Earth Metals industry: They sound valuable due to scarcity but that's not truth. Rare metals are feeding the high-tech blossom. Now it's obvious how the story goes.

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What is Palmistry ? Palmistry is the ancient science and art of reading lines, size, shape of the hands and fingers. Palmistry has two Divisions the shape of the hand; and lines on the palm.

手工 DIY 教程 教你如何整理耳机线~~~

Funny pictures about No more tangled earbuds. Oh, and cool pics about No more tangled earbuds. Also, No more tangled earbuds photos.