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To Food with Love: Gateaux Piments / Magelek (Mauritian Chilli Cakes)


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from All About Cuisines


Find out WHAT THE LOCALS EAT BEFORE YOU TRAVEL See what food is eaten in MAURITIUS such as Tarte à la Banana [Mauritian Recipe]. Find the facts at #Travel Mauritius #Mauritius Food #Mauritius Recipes


Easy Yummy Cookery: Tarte à la Banane [Mauritian Recipe]

Culinary Heaven - The Street Food Of Mauritius - Bruised Passports

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Photograph: Yuki Sugiura for the Guardian

Delicious from Mauritius

Découvrez les gateaux arouille, un beignet croustillant et moelleux à l'intérieur. Arouille, eddos ou taro, plusieurs noms pour ce petit légume racine .

Gateaux Arouille (eddos) : Spécialité mauricienne | Je Papote

Mauritian Chicken Kalia: a quick and easy ginger & yogurt chicken curry recipe from the island of Mauritius.

Mauritian Chicken Kalia

from Getaway Magazine

25 of the best things to eat and drink in Mauritius

For a tiny island, Mauritius has amazing food, from Chinese dim sum, French gourmet dishes and Indian curries. Here's my pick of the best things to eat and drink on the island - and where to find them.

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Mauritian Pickled vegetables recipe (achard) : worth making and goes with everything. Highly addictive!

Pickled vegetables (achard)

Napolitaines, a Mauritian cake/biscuit

A Martian's search for food: Napolitaines via Twitter

Bol Renverse (Upside-down bowl) - is one of the most popular and most loved of Mauritian dishes. It has Chinese origins to some extend, however the presentation of the dish is what gives it the name. It consists of basically a fried egg, normally a chicken chop-suey, and white rice which are put into a bowl in that order, covered with a plate, then flipped around together, the bowl is removed carefully and voila, you have your upside-down bowl. A very clean and interesting presentation.

Bol Renverse (Upside down bowl)