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The above potrait is of Princess Mooda Maji ( or perhaps Princess “Muthamma” ), the second daughter of Dodda Virajendra, the Raja of Coorg  and the architect of the Coorg victory against the Mysorean army of Tipu Sultan, who ruled from 1788 to 1809. This is the only know portrait of the Princess of Coorg.


Portrait of Princess Mooda Maji of Coorg

Coorgs(Kodavas) dancing during Putthari(Huttari) festival

Poli, Poli Deva ! Happy Putari to All - 2012

Preserving fruits vegetables and by pickling them is an age old tradition. It gives you a wonderfully tangy and spicy taste, thereby, brightening your meal. Spicy pickles are very important item in Indian meal. Here you can find authentic Pork, Chicken and Fish pickle for all the meat lovers out there. These are homemade pickle recipes which have to be consumed with a few days.

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71st Coorg Rifles | CoorgBook

71st Coorg Rifles | CoorgBook

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In addition to indulging in the beautiful green landscape and finger licking Coorgi food, Coorg has plenty of adventures for traveller indulgence too.

5 Adventurous Things To Do In Coorg

The story of the Coorg Education Fund and its mission