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a red motorcycle parked on top of a parking lot
ライトニング号の近況報告2 - コーンブログ
Lightning - CONE Custom Cycles
a red motorcycle parked in front of a wooden structure
an image of a metal frame on a white background with clippings to the side
Exile Cycles - Frames
an assembly line in a factory with equipment on the floor and behind it is a machine
This is a frame jig I made. Made it with a T-slot table and adjustable fixtures. never know what type of bike I want to build. #framejig #chopper #jig
the frame is shown with red arrows pointing up to it's bottom and side
Chopper Frame Basics!
the front suspensions are attached to the frame, with two red springs on each side
Softail Sportster Frame Fabrication
an image of a metal frame for a bicycle
Chopper Frame Tubing Answers
motorcycle frame view 3
a man is working on a green bike frame
dariztdesign: On Going 30th Attempt