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Enveloping the pleasing taste of Dryfruit Malaii in white chocolate is truly a way to celebrate this luscious Flavour of the Month! #KeepCalmAndHavmor Ice cream Truffles!


Nothing beats the freshness of dry fruits like the Dryfruit Malaii, and even better, it’s our current Flavour of the Month!

The zingy taste of Berry Buzz with its own family of berries is like a party in your mouth! #KeepCalmAndHavmor fun.

If you think you’ve tasted the best, think again! Here comes the bubbly Berry Buzz to be your favourite Flavour of the Month!

Engulf the vivid taste of Fresh Jamun in a crunchy Ice cream sandwich & #KeepCalmAndHavmor

Real fruit pulp in every savoury slurp of the Fresh Jamun, and one can only #KeepCalmAndHavmor of this delicious Flavour of the Month!


Presenting a vibrant & eclectic range of our latest Flavours of the Month! Don’t you just want to #KeepCalmAndHavmor?