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#HavmorBucketList item no. 5: “This year, I will hog on as much Ice cream as I want, at a GREAT price, just like Havmor Ice cream!”


#HavmorBucketList item no. 10: “This year, if I’m having a bad day at work, instead of cursing my boss, I shall cool down with a sweet Vanilla Milkshake by Havmor.”


#HavmorBucketList item no. 12: “This year, I will be eco- friendly. Instead of wasting paper in cups, I shall opt for crispy cones with my Havmor Ice cream.”

#HavmorBucketList item no. 11: “This year, I promise to be unaffected by what people say & choose to Have More Ice cream!”

#HavmorBucketList item no. 9: “This year I will give my loved ones the gift of Ice cream, because flowers die, but Havmor is forever!”

#HavmorBucketList item no. 8: “This year, I will be smart with my dessert game & choose chocolate + Ice cream = Havmor’s range of Chocolate Ice creams to fulfil my choco- cravings.”